The Menu Journey Begins

I’ve deemed myself the “armchair chef” today.  I own the cloying voice that says, “No, I didn’t go to culinary school, and no, I’m not a REAL chef, but I know what I like, and this isn’t quite right… Let’s talk about this… what about this instead of that?”  or most irritating:  “How do they do it at The Four Seasons?”

Our hotel chef and I will be working on new and improved banquet menus, and I’m certain he wants to kill me. Creating guest experiences is a personal delight of mine, and I’m pretty lucky to have the opportunity to do it for a living. What’s the WOW factor, anyway? It’s different for every group, but remains: the breathtaking moment when the planning guest enters his/her ballroom and says, “WOW!”

And I usually gasp a little – due to sheer excitement.


One thought on “The Menu Journey Begins

  1. I totally believe in you. I have tasted your creations and they are phenomenal. If I had the money to invest in your culinary pursuits–I definitely would.

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