A Random Foodie Memory…

I’m sitting in my office with my dear restaurant manager friend, M, and we’re bs-ing through the end of the day.  I had a random food memory pop into my head.  I was just chatting about my dinner of guacamole, and I remembered the VERY first time I made guac on my own.  I kept thinking, “Something’s missing.. Something’s missing.”  You know, three years later, I discovered Cilantro!?  THREE YEARS!  I went without cilantro in my guac for THREE years.  M and I agree… cilantro is delicious!

I heard there was a genetic disorder where people believe cilantro to have a soapy taste?  Ah… bless you google!  http://www.yumsugar.com/Cilantro-Preferences-May-Genetic-2836241

I asked M what his favorite food memory was, and he said, “My Polish mother makes like 14 traditional Polish dishes for Christmas.”  That’s incredibly dope.  I hope my babies think of me when someone asks them about their food memories 🙂


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