My little brother and I went shopping for Easter Dinner, and didn’t see a ham we found to look particularly festive.  We opted instead for a delightful choice of SALMON!  With the asparagus and homemade hollandaise, it just seemed to make the most sense.  We had roasted baby potatoes, mashed potatoes, kale and beans, dressing, homemade baked mac & cheese, spinach and mushrooms, and a darling dessert display.  My little brother created a table centerpiece from fresh-picked lilacs from the yard. Our dinner was fab, and I received the greatest compliment of all time.

My great-great Grandmother, Ella, used to let me tinker around her kitchen during summers for many many years.  She was the original rock-star chef in my world.  Grandmother taught me to bake, how to make sauces and gravies and roux, and how to “fix” my seasoning errors.  She was a domestic goddess like no other, and I miss her dearly.  I was unbelievably fortunate enough to have her in my world until the age of 18, and I would not be me without her influence.  When she departed this earth physically, she left a bevy of fanatical grand-daughters who swear by Queen in the kitchen.  We WILL rock you!

Grandmother Ella’s daughter, my Aunt Lue, is 92.  She’s living with my mom, and I had the privilege of spending Easter with her at my Mom’s home.  And you know 92 year old ladies are not filtered… Aunt Lue says what’s on her mind WITHOUT fail!  I love every second of it!  When she was eating dinner, she said, “Honey, this is so good!  This tastes like Mama’s food!”

Let me just say, I cried.  More than once.

There isn’t a greater compliment in the world.


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