Bitter Fruit

Salty Dog:  Flavorphilia Style
*(Side Note:  I used to drink this flavorful,
delicious drink
for breakfast during the week…)
5 oz Simply Grapefruit
3 oz Grey Goose or Moon Mountain Coastal Citrus Organic Vodka
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
Margarita Salt-Rimmed Glass (Use Grapefruit Juice to wet the rim!  And add a sprinkle of cinnamon to the rim!)
Yup… pretty self-explanatory.  Put all the ingredients in an icy shaker, shake it up hard, and pour into the salt-rimmed glass…  
Drink, Exhale, and Repeat

I don’t know WHY I love grapefruit in the morning.  Maybe ANYTHING with Vodka in the morning is great… but especially this gutturally bittersweet juiciness.  
You know what else is good?  
Suprêmes au Pamplemousse Salade
(and yes… I made it up!)
A cinnamon-sugar brûlée of grapefruit suprêmes on a bed of champagne-vinaigretted arugula with avacado.   With a hunk of crusty bread… it’s a delightful treat.  So full of peppery bitter FLAVORful goodness… 

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