I love this joint!  Every time we go, it gets better & better.  (So often, this is not the case.  How refreshing! )

Tonight, we had Wicked GOOD Shrimp (among a few other things!)  It was spiced to perfection!  I wanted to keep soaking up the sauce with more bread once the shrimp was gone, but I just didn’t get drunk enough to beg our server for more bread.  And I can’t go without getting the Cabrales Cigars… a “Spanish blue cheese & leek fondue, rolled into phyllo cigars then pan seared; accented with sherry-raisin sauce.”  There’s probably a negligible amount of crack mixed in with the sherry-raisin sauce.  I’m just sayin.

Usually, I’m not a big carnivorous diner.  However, due to the urging of my Sister’s boyfriend, I tried the Smoked St. Louis Ribs.  WOW!  They’re definitely smoked, and served with a house-made (<– yes!) guava barbecue sauce.  The flavor was unlike any barbecue I’ve had.  It was distinctively barbecue, but with a “ska band” vibe.  Super tasty!

The key element to enjoying a night out is SERVICE.  (Well, it’s MY key element!)  Our server was knowledgeable, thorough, and all-in-all awesome.  But several peeps stopped by to make sure we were happy.  Sanctuaria is FILLED with awesome servers, and it’s obviously a team.  Impeccable – and makes for a great experience.

Fall-Off-The-Bone Good!

Good company.  Good food.  Good night 🙂


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