Coffee Flavorphile Style: The Highlander Grog

I love flavorphile coffee!

Ah, coffee.  As a hospitality mom working crazy hours with two babies – one teething 5 month old, and a 19 month old – I’d pump coffee into my body intravenously if I could.  But I’d miss the FLAVOR!  The first sip of the morning is cathartic.  This week, coffee has been my BFF.  And BLESS our Director of Catering, Shelly, for my skinny latte at 3:00pm.  You have no  idea.

There are some rather phenomenal coffees these days.  I credit and thank my former boss, Judge Baker, for turning me into the coffee snob I am today.  I was her judicial admin, and decided that it was a very “admin” thing to prepare coffee for the office in the mornings.  SO I went to Target and bought a horribly crummy, leaky coffee pot and some Folger’s.  Needless to say, within a week, Judge Baker had a Gevalia subscription and a new coffee machine.

This turned into a weekly trip to the City Grocer with Josie, and an introduction to “The Coffee Wall.”  Fresh roasted beans, freshly ground, and brewed into glorious caffeinated nectar.  Going to the School of Josie on coffee, I learned ever so much.  She really opened my eyes and heart to the understanding of the religion of Coffee.  And then, there was Jon.

One day, he came into Judge’s chambers with his mug, and asked if I’d tried Highlander Grog.  It changed my life 🙂

Every morning this week, O has kindly brewed a pot of hair-growing Highlander Grog.  The aroma fills the house with thick sweet-syrup scent, and I ALMOST taste pancakes with each breath.  All Kaldi’s coffees that I’ve tried so far are truly divine, but this is far and away my favorite.  Click. Buy. Brew. Believe.

Highlander Grogg

I also recently tried a Peruvian micro-roasted bright brew.  *sigh* I LOVE bright brews, but my faves are still the dark roasts.  As a sucker for a delicious espresso, the dark roast preference makes sense.  It’s reminiscent of a dark, luscious 80% chocolate bar, or a throaty red Syrah.  THESE. Are a few of my favorite things…


2 thoughts on “Coffee Flavorphile Style: The Highlander Grog

  1. Mmmm, Highlander Grog, a great gift from Jon. The funny thing is that I really don’t know beans about coffee. I know just enough to be dangerous. 🙂
    And, I have never had so much coffee in my life as I have in the last year. I can’t imagine how much coffee you need worth two!

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