Junk Food Blues

In elementary school, there was a silly song we sang in Music.  And I remember, “I’ve got that rumblin’ tumblin’ down in the stomach junk food bluuuuues…”  At the time, I was loving all the foods in the song, but today I’m really understanding the rumblin’ tumblin’ part.  Ahhhh… adulthood.  It adds a new dimension to all things once sweet and innocent.

Life has been SUPER hectic lately.  Of course, with a crazy schedule comes HORRIBLE eating habits.  If I’m too busy to cook, I can order pizza or “Shiity Wok” Chinese and have it delivered.  I can run to one of several fast food joints, and go through the drive through.  SPEAKING OF WHICH… why is there NO drive through with good food?!!

I LOVE real food… I’d PREFER to eat real food.  WHY isn’t it out there?  How come the options are Sonic, White Castle, Taco Hell, or Jack in the Crack?!   You know what drive throughs would be great?  St. Louis Bread Co.  Subway.  CHIPOTLE!  Mmmmmm… Yum.  Why don’t we have fresh, fast and healthy food in the midwest?!  As a mommy, I NEED THE DRIVE THROUGH!  Is there anyone interested in a business venture?  LOL!  I’m only half-joking.  Maybe 1/3.


2 thoughts on “Junk Food Blues

  1. This totally off topic, but I have an ESL class here in Capestang France, and I was trying to remember the third verse to the Junk Food Blues song. I can’t remember what comes before this line:
    Lollipops and popsicles and fudge are fun, but when they are all inside you the fun has just begun

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