Dinner on a dime…

Totally kidding. But seriously, I’ve actually COOKED dinner for the last several nights. I don’t know how to act with TIME in the kitchen… last night, I made gardein chick’n scallopini on angel hair pasta with this DELICIOUS saucy stuff. It had sauteed onion & garlic, diced tomato, basil, kalamata olives and green olives, capers, artichoke hearts, spinach, and “mama sug” flavor!! It was SO good. Seriously, it tasted JUST like chicken!!! And WOW. It was GOOD!

Tonight, I browned butter and crushed some almonds, roasted the almonds, and placed salted, peppered, and paprika’d flounder filets in the sautee pan on the crunchy nuts. We had the flounder with left-over angel hair (plus pesto) and lemon butter broccoli.

What has gotten into me?

I’m really enjoying LIFE. It’s refreshing to have a life outside my day-job. I’m humbled by my luck to have beautiful babies, a fantastic life partner, and a job that takes care of me and gives me time for the things that matter most. I don’t feel worthy, but I’m thankful constantly that THIS is MY life! I can’t believe it!

I had a flavorful dinner TWO nights in a row. Whoda thunk? I’m happy!


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