I Didn’t LOVE the Balls… But I LIKED Them :)

Perhaps it’s my methodology.  Perhaps it’s the extreme over-sweet coating lingering in the back of my throat long after swallowing.  Perhaps I simply need some PRACTICE.

Cake balls are ALL the rage, and I’m not nailing it.

My friend B came over one Tuesday morning, and brought this bad-a$$ cake ball book.

Bakerella ‘Cake Pops’

Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats

SO!  We got to work.  We practiced our ball creations.  We made some bad-a$$ frosting, and MAN!  Our cake balls were good when we made them.  Super sweet, but good.  The thing is:  we dipped them in Ghirardelli chocolate. (It’s my fave!)  Now, ANYTHING dipped in chocolate will be delish, but MAN… I’m tellin ya!  HUZZAH!   We baked a yellow cake mix.  B mixed up some homemade buttercream, and I added vanilla bean paste.  It’s the nectar of the gods… totally made my entire life worth living.  Seriously.  If you don’t have vanilla bean paste in your kitchen, RUN. Don’t walk, RUN.  RUN to your nearest grocer or GOOGLE it, for heaven’s sake.  It’s SO almost 2012, and you CAN find it!

But I digress.

Back to the balls.

SO.  B and I made some pretty good balls.  They were lacking in consistency, and I didn’t have Popsicle sticks to try making the POPS.  But they were tasty.  When I made them on my own, I had a couple of challenges.  First, I think my initial ball size was too big.  They wouldn’t stay on the stick!  So, I read the book again, and of course, she directs you to a precise quarter-size ball.  Yes, my balls were WAY too big.  Story of my life!  Anyway, I found my consistency to still lack the staying power I really wanted, and I added some cream cheese to my buttercream, and placed the smaller balls in the freezer.


They were GORGEOUS!  I failed to photograph this time, but I promise I will be attempting again.  I used the white chocolate candy coating, and pink sugar sprinkles with strawberry cake.  Now.  The CAKE ball portion was delicious.  But I think… I just don’t like white balls.


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