Scape Bistro Brunch: Delivering the divine

I do brunch often, and recommend it for a healthy mind.  We travel St. Louis city, ALL surrounding counties, and the Greater St. Charles vicinity as well, in search of the ultimate brunch experience.  It really is all about creating the perfect marriage of ambiance, service, and good food.  I love warm, cozy little diners.  Admittedly, I choose a chain every now and again for the sake of … well… IHOP is just GOOD sometimes!

My recent brunch experience leads me to a place that continues to deliver the divine, and keeps me coming back to one of the staples of the St. Louis brunch scene.  It is where I KNOW my food will be delicious AND sustainable, the service is awesome, and I will depart as a very happy (and stuffed!) brunch goer.  Oh, the prime Central West End location right next door to Bissinger’s for a GREAT little post-brunch chocolaty treat doesn’t hurt one bit!  I am speaking of Scape American Bistro on Maryland Plaza.  If you haven’t been, you’ve got to go!

Initially, I just kept going back to Scape for the shrimp and grits.  It’s lick-the-plate delicious.  Every time I go, I daydream the chef coming to my table to scrape the last little bit of grits onto my cleanly-licked plate.  Of course, it was only just a dream.  But all great ideas start with a dream.  And when I dream of the Nutty Waffle (malted pecan waffle with nutella, pistachio and warm maple syrup) for more than 3 nights concurrently, we know it’s time to make a trip back to Scape.

My baby loves it too!

We have yet to have a negative experience among the multitude of times we’ve been to Scape for brunch.  After trying nearly everything on the menu, it is decidedly flawless.  The execution of each dish is consistent from visit to visit.  The service is polished, and sings of an understated elegance that creates an ambiance fit for a Sunday brunch.  And most brunches are defined by their potato.  Seriously:  if the potato is good, you know the food is good.  Scape serves breakfast potatoes piping hot, and bursting with yum.


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