Flavorphull Gift Ideas for the Busy Busy Busy!

I know I USUALLY write about awesome foodstuffs. Flavorphilia, being ALL things flavorphull, has taken hold of me with the online shopping bug. Usually I’m WAY too busy to shop outside of 2AM on random gifting websites. This year, that isn’t my challenge. BUT I HAD to share this website because it’s just too darn adorable to keep all to myself!

Gifting Grace was a shopping savior when I was a super busy hotel executive. I found out about it from the pages of Oprah Magazine. And she’s the QUEEN of finding the best. This is the perfect example of her good eye. There are lots of super cute, unique things that no one will imagine receiving! And isn’t that spontaneous delight the reason we give?

Additionally, not everything is outside of a manageable budget, which means FABULOUS gifts we can actually buy!

This WHOLE site reminds me of one of the BEST gift givers in the world: Josie. She seems to have a magic touch. A sophisticated, elevated taste for choosing JUST the right thing! I’ve seriously considered asking her to be my personal gift guide!! This website is like a collection of Josie gifts. Just super great stuff.

I swear to you… this is not a paid review of this website. I’m sure they don’t know I exist. But I recognize Flavor when I taste it, and I share it with my friends 🙂

Adorable, unique, and fun
Adorable, unique, and fun



2 thoughts on “Flavorphull Gift Ideas for the Busy Busy Busy!

  1. I’ve been glued to this site for the past half hour! Really well-curated selection of gifts, I love it. Thanks for the tip!

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