Leftover Madness: Corned Beef

I live with and love a staunch pescetarian.  And although a majority of the time our eating habits naturally mirror one another, I do opt for hearty beef dishes and pepperoni pizza whenever I can get it.

And today, I’m totally craving the CORNED BEEF of the cabbage and potatoes I’m planning to have for dinner.  Image

I add smoked salmon in lieu of corned beef to give it the smoky-salty-peppery goodness.  It’s delicious, heart-healthy, and very satisfying.  Especially with a few potatoes 🙂  

But here’s the kicker:  there is no leftover corned beef with the smoked salmon version.  As a woman of thrift heart, leftover madness is often the inspiration of premiere night.  Homemade corned beef hash is a fabulous Sunday Brunch!  I like to cut large diced pieces of potatoes, corned beef, yellow onion, red & green peppers so that I can really savor the corned beef beefiness, and get that extra little kick of peppercorn in each bite.  And a sunny side up egg on top?  Oh man.  Add an English muffin to the mix, and it’s my meal for the day.  THAT’s my jam!!

I had a breakfast meeting with a colleague a few weeks ago, and we went to Schneithorst’s.  Their corned beef hash was AH!Mazing!  Ever since, I’ve had an inkling of a craving that’s grown to a slight obsession.  Today isn’t helping!!  Not every restaurant does Corned Beef Hash well, but Schneithorst’s nailed it for me.  You can taste the quality of their ingredients, and everything was freshly prepared and freakishly perfect.

And for the discovery:  MANGIA ITALIANO! We happened to miss their brunch last week, but they have a Smoked Salmon Hash on their Sunday Brunch menu.  I must try!


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