Pie Season! Feast!

My homemade chocolate pie ūüôā


Admit it.  You love pie.  

This canvas for goodness of sweet and savory alike primarily piques my interest in the fall, when my oven stays warm with the need to hone my Thanksgiving throw down skills.  My pie experiments range from crusty switches to hybrid filling creations Рand really everything in between.  

I am not a pie purist. ¬†If it’s in a pie dish, it’s a pie. ¬†If you can cut it into a lovely triangle shape, it’s a pie. ¬†If you name it a pie and it doesn’t have either of the afore-mentioned criteria, I’m not gonna hate. ¬†It’s a pie if you want to call it a pie ūüėČ

I borrowed this from another blogger – it’s perfect! It looks homey and delicious! The recipe is different than the one my mom made, but it’s similar. My mom didn’t use sour cream. I bet the addition is yummy!!

I had a horrifying experience with pie as a wee child. ¬†My mom tried to make a pie. ¬†She used a graham ¬†crust, Jell-o pudding, canned fruit, and made a pie. ¬†You’re wondering: ¬†how could that be bad? ¬†Who wouldn’t LOVE a pie made with Momma’s loving hands? ¬†Well, me. ¬†I thought a pie should be shaped like a TRIANGLE. ¬†Mom put my pie on the plate, and it fell apart. ¬†I was devastated, and I wanted PIE. ¬†This wasn’t pie. ¬†What was this? ¬†It was tasty, but it wasn’t pie. ¬†

It took years of therapy to¬†alleviate¬†the type-A¬†tendency, and I’m proud to admit today, I’d happily just TAKE the pie, eat it, and not concern myself with it’s level of isosceles triangular¬†perfection.¬†

I did want to know how the pie on TV was so perfect, and what they did to get a pudding pie to firm up so well. ¬†Here’s an ode to my Momma’s pie, and turning it into a triangle ūüôā

  • No bake: ¬†Add 4oz of cream cheese and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar to the pudding mix. ¬†Mix well, and refrigerate overnight before adding fruit to the top.


  • A wonderful base recipe for baked pudding-texture pie is: 1 – 14oz. can of Sweetened Condensed Milk whipped into 5 egg yolks. ¬†Add whatever sounds delicious to your pie. ¬†My Chocolately Chocolate pie above uses this base, plus 8 oz of melted dark chocolate, ¬†Image¬†¬†

a tablespoon of Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa, Imageand a teaspoon of vanilla. ¬†It was delicious. ¬†It wasn’t overly sweet, the texture was inexplicably airy yet dense, and it cut into a perfect triangle. ¬†Soul¬†soothing! ¬†




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