Will Work for Shoes!

Like all red-blooded women, I love shoes.  I really love shoes because I’ve gained LOTS of weight, and my shoes still fit.  I’m just keeping it real.  I love how Ruia in Soho displays their shoe selection. via @Jacob McPherson McPherson McPherson McPherson McPherson Renquist Pillai York Magazine

Truly, my shoe fetish is never indulged because I have toddlers and we always need to spend money on things like food and clothing and oh… electricity.  So my desire for $500+ shoes falls to the way of things I will never ever buy.  Even if I win the lottery and I’m really really really wealthy, I won’t.  I just can’t.  Because someone’s baby is always hungry.  And it takes a village.

Enter:  Ebay.  Bless you.  Thanks to Ebay, I can purchase decadent-feeling yet much-needed items and use my budgeted dollars oh-so wisely.  I believe in quality over quantity, and firmly know that quality items never go out of style.  “Wardrobe” items, which may cost a tad more, can be well worn over and over again, and become a piece of your signature style.  They can be reinvented.  They can be pulled out in 10 years and still be fully fabulous.  Since when is Chanel or Prada “so last season” to those of us with real jobs?  Class is never dated.

So let’s begin here:  the “inspiration” shoe.  Now, I’m not saying you can find the *identical* item all the time, but I am saying there’s a way to get close and ball out on a budget!  

Jimmy Choo Inka Wedge Mirror Sandal, Light Bronze

$795 at Nieman’s

 $225 Starting BID: JIMMY CHOO Poise Flower-Detail Cage Espadrille Wedge Tan Sandal Shoes Authentic NIB – Never Worn

Similar in color and will give the same free-footed feel.  I didn’t love the floral piece on this one, so I kept on looking.


$150 Starting Bid:  Jimmy Choo Phoenix Espadrille Platform Wedge with Crossed Ankle Strap in Tan Lea

I love this shoe.  It doesn’t look a THING like the inspiration shoe except both are wedge sandals… LOL!  I just like the shoe!

$45 JIMMY CHOO NUDE PATENT LEATHER WEDGES: “These are in perfect near new condition. Only worn once, no wear and tear.”

So here we go:  balling on the budget!

$145 New with box

I like the inspiration look more, of course.  But really?  $145 vs $795 for NEW in BOX?!  It’s close enough for me!  And if it’s not close enough for you, just keep shopping!  It will come!


This isn’t a sandal, but it offers some of the same whimsy as the inspiration shoe.

Alright folks:  that was all of less than 10 minutes of Ebay searching.  I’m certain there’s WAY more to choose from, and more appearing every moment!  Literally!  So for the naysayers who freak about wearing used shoes:  I can’t help y’all.  If you’re so bougie, just spend your little $800.  Good for you.  I’m grabbing my Lysol wipes, perusing Ebay, and keeping the savings account healthy!  AND the planet, thank you very much!  Mama may want a new pair of shoes, but baby’s gotta eat 😉

Tiffany & Co Inspired Giraffe Infant Crib Shoes by RockkandyKids, $16.00


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